The first settlement of Jojr was a little community of people that lived in dirt huts and other mud houses. Jojr at that time had a population of about twenty. It was mostly farms and hunting lands. Over the course of time they began to draw symbols as a way of communicating to each other. This continued to occur until eventually they had a full language of about 1,584 words. This language eventually became the language of Jojrs, one of the most spoken languages. Once the population hit over two thousand sometime in late 4Ç0, they expanded, and now had a more built up town and a lot of farm land. At that time, some radicals believed Svad should be expanded by their species. Doing so they migrated and built up another town called Niex, which began to work on their own language that was seperate that Jojrs, which eventually became known as N'ner, the fourth most popular language in the world today.

As the two towns expanded in knowledge and began to invent new things, they eventually became civilizations, which was around 34Ç0, which were preparing for war. They continued to expand and gather new things. The two civilizations never liked each other and strived to wipe each other off the face of the planet.