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was a language that went extinct millions of years prior to the modern era. It used to be spoken by over a thousand native people by the Jûds before they split. It's one of the first languages to have ever existed. Currently there are only a handful number of people that are direct descendents of the Jûds, making them having to know the language for their religion. Another number close to three thousand people know the language for study purposes. With the small number of speakers, this makes it the second least spoken language in the world.

Jû first formed in the first or second tribe of Jûds when they began drawing two-dimensional shapes. They constantly used them and each one had a different kind of grunt or other mouth movements they were able to do at the time, which is thought to not be much. The Jûds lived in the southern area of the Kwá'dja region, which is modern day Klaziland.